Statistics – 2023 sports season through the bib numbers of the vertical races


The past year has been particularly strange.

Beyond my usual frequent and tiring trips between Germany and Italy for work which affect all possible training plans, my physical condition has been getting worse over the months instead of improving.

I started in January with tiredness and the residue of Covid, but in few weeks I had started again to run, confident that I would arrive in spring in good condition to start training well.

Instead, after the first trail race ( Castle’s Trail (ITA) – 23 km & 1550D+ | EmigranTrailer ), I started having trouble running at good pace. The next trail race, just few weeks after, was a real disaster ( Traverse Trail (ITA) – 22 km & 1960D+ | EmigranTrailer ). I realized that I couldn’t not find the right time to train to run races lasting more than 3 hours decently.

So, I decided to give myself more achievable goals: taking part in vertical races competitions, with the sole aim of finishing and discovering new paths in Aosta Valley during my Italian weekends, and going on long excursions with Agnese.

For the first, I started at Vertical Fenis 2023 – Post race review | EmigranTrailer and I attended all the regional events.

For the second, we explored long routes in Tuscany in April and we completed the GR221 in three days in Maiorca in May (GR221: info, review and gpx | EmigranTrailer). The last was a wonderful experience.

In the meantime, I had also to deal with three consecutive sprains on my operated ankle between April & May: the first at mid-April, the second during Vibram® Trail Mottarone 2023 • VTM (my DNF of the year) and the third ten days after. I want’s deny that I was very discouraged in those weeks.

Luckily Agnese was there with me. So, she helped me with functional bandages to gradually recover. And at end of June I even managed to finish the 80 km trail event in Cortina ( Lavaredo 80K – Post race review | EmigranTrailer ). That was quite a surprise.

In the following weeks I wasn’t able to train as I wanted, but I definitely experienced unique moments with lots of mountaineering on the glaciers with Agnese (we collected three 4000 m summits) and exploring new routes near my home in Aosta Valley ( TMF-Tour du Mont Fallère: info & gpx | EmigranTrailer ).

I arrived at OCC completely out of shape ( OCC – UTMB Mont Blanc – Post Race review | EmigranTrailer ). After 25 km I wanted to stop, but then I decided to continue and pass the finish line in Chamonix for the third time in my trail-running carrer (UTMB-CCC 2018: ten weeks training | EmigranTrailer & UTMB-TDS 2015 Da un’alba all’altra | EmigranTrailer).

My season can be said to have ended at the end of August.

Subsequently we assisted a friend at Tor Des Geants, I did another vertical race and I acted as a pacer for Agnese at the Savona half marathon. But, between September and December I was never able to do a structured training session due to work, frequent travels and relative tirediness.

Furthermore, since January I have always run with an annoying plantar fasciitis in my left foot which then drastically worsened during summer. In November and December I had specific treatments and I hope to be able to run in 2024 without problems.

The year then ended with the beautiful experience of the Kilinjaro trek in Tanzania (Kilimanjaro trekking: info, review and gpx | EmigranTrailer).


Total Number: 20 (18 Finisher, 1 DNF, 1 DNS)

Total Trail Running: 6

  • Category M (75-114 km): 1
  • Category S (45-74 km): 2 (1 DNF)
  • Category XS (25-44 km): 0
  • Category XXS (0-24 km): 3 (1 DNS)

Countries: 2 (Italy, Switzerland)


Total Distance (all sports): 4.258 km

Total Elevation Gain (all sports): 164.408 m (d+)

Total Distance (running/hiking): 3.650 km

Total Elevation Gain (running/hiking):  150.665 m (d+)

Total Distance (biking): 554 km

Total Elevation Gain (biking): 10.748 m (d+)

Total Distance (skiing): 47 km

Total Elevation Gain (skiing): 2840 (d+)


Past available personal statistics:

Other official statistics:


The main idea is to find the time to train appropriately for at least trail-running races in the category XXS and XS. Moreover, I have in mind to run some hiking routes in stages in summer and potentially one long ultra race (more than 100 km) before the end of the year. In addition, I also would like to prepare and run again a road marathon or a 6-hours race.

We will see what will happen! I will share info & pictures on my Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Andrea De Filippo

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