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2021 was a special and very difficult year for me. Statistics can be deceiving.

In winter and spring I managed to train well, despite private problems and many tiring trips.

I completed one of my personal projects (Wisper Trails – Info & Trails (GPX) | EmigranTrailer) and a pair of ultra-trail running in Italy that I really cared about:

In summer I then completed my second Lavaredo Ultra Trail (LUT-Lavaredo Ultra Trail (ITA)-120 KM | EmigranTrailer), but a few weeks later another ankle injury prevented me from doing my first 100 miles at 100 Miglia del Monviso (Home – 100 Miglia Monviso).

In September I started racing again with a triptych of races between France, Austria and Germany:

Then at the end of September my sporting season and my life in general were profundly changed: rednails4trails with Ann-Cathrin | EmigranTrailer

I didn’t run for days and then I ran alone for weeks. But not trail-running. I couldn’t.

In November I wore again a bib for two marathons in two consecutive weekends. One in the german hills around the Rursee (Rursee-Marathon (DEU) – 42 km | EmigranTrailer) and one in a city, in Turin.

At the end of November I then took part in the 3 days of trail-running in Ibiza (3 DIAS TRAIL IBIZA 2021 | 26,27 y 28 NOVIEMBRE | CARRERA PUNTUABLE UTMB | MAS QUE UN MARATÓN), without actually having run trail running for two and a half months.

The first night race went very well, then in the marathon the next day I struggled mentally (thanks Blandine for running with me the last 6 km) and in the last race on Sunday after 3 km I suffered two injuries to both ankles (with broken ligaments) but I still wanted to cross the finish line by walking for 7 km.


Total Number: 11 (11 Finisher, 0 DNF)

Total Trail Running: 10

  • Category M (75-114 km): 1
  • Category S (45-74 km): 3
  • Category XS (25-44 km): 5
  • Category XXS (0-24 km): 2

Countries: 5 (Italy, France, Austria, Germany, Spain)


Total Distance (all sports): 6.440 km

Total Elevation Gain (all sports): 152.279 m (d+)

Total Distance (running/hiking): 4.320 km

Total Elevation Gain (running/hiking):  131.633 m (d+)

Total Distance (biking): 2.107 km

Total Elevation Gain (biking): 20.458 m (d+)


Past available personal statistics:

Other official statistics:


Not at all!

In January I will have a surgery on one of the two ankles (the right one). I will consider whether to operate the second one in spring or autumn.

Therefore my entire sporting season will be tied to these surgeries and recovery times.

In short, no planning and everything to be decided at the moment.

Andrea De Filippo

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