Wisper Trails – Info & Trails (GPX)

Wisper Trails – Info & Trails (GPX)

Wisper Trails – Complete Map (Wisper-Trails-Emigrantrailer.jpg (1173×795))

Wisper Trails is the network of 15 different well-marked hiking trails, located between the Rheingau and Taunus regions in Hesse, in Germany.

Wisper Trails is also the result of an excellent project to enhance sparsely populated areas between two UNESCO World heritage sites (Upper Germanic-Rärtischer Limes and Upper Mittel Rhine Valley) and two certified long-distance hiking trails: Limes Elebnispfad and Rheinsteig. The latter I covered in full in 2020 in 5 ultra-trail stages: Rheinsteig South-North in five stages | EmigranTrailer.

Moreover, there is a very well-done website that details all the Wisper Trails: Wisper Trails – Premiumwandern im Wispertaunus (wisper-trails.de).

My explorations and trails in spring 2021

On this page, I summarize the explorations made in spring 2021, when I combined the desire to explore each of these trails with training for summer ultra-trail competitions.

Some of these explorations I have done alone, others in company; some in weekends, others in the evening after business hours. In any case, I have always enjoyed discovering a new area.

Below I report all the details, including the file .gpx (download free) that can be useful because they are updated to the latest status of the routes (spring 2021). I used Suunto 9 to record them.

For the record, these are some overall numbers:

  • Total number of trails: 15
  • Total number of days: 11
  • Total Kilometers: 207,52 km
  • Total Positive Gain (D+): 6307 m
  • Total Negative Loss (D-): 6814 m
  • Average pace: 10′ /km

There are also some photos, but not too many, otherwise I will spoil the surprise of discovering these new routes on your own. 🙂

#1 / In Vino Veritas: 9,5 km

#2 / Rhein-Wisper-Glück: 9,0 km

#3 / Ranseler Höhenrausch: 10,8 km

#4 / Wollmerschieder Grenzweg: 7,8 km

#5 / Wispertalsteig: 14,6 km

#6 / Wispertaler Krönchen: 5,0 km

#7 / Dickschieder Wildwechsel: 13,6 km

#8 / Naurother Grubengold: 13,8 km

#9 / Wisper Geflüster: 8,4 km

#10 / Im Wisper Outback: 13,0 km

#11 / Schwälbchen’s Flug: 11,1 km

#12 / Der Überhöhische: 15,8 km

#13 / Glaabacher Almauftrieb: 18,7 km

#14 / Via Monte Preso: 12,1 km

#15 / Wispertaunussteig: 44,5 km

Final Remarks

Photo of the detailed maps at the different starting points:

If you have any specific comment or request on these routes or others, do not hesitate to contact me or comment below.

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Enjoy Trail-Running! Enjoy outdoor!

Andrea De Filippo

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