My Teams

Between 2012 and 2019, I had the chance and the honor to be part of different teams. Friendship has always been the strong motivation to be part of them.

Everything began with the yellow T-Shirt of the Podistica Tranese, a local team of Piemonte, with several members, mainly attending competitions on asphalt road or athletics tracks.

September 2012: Ivrea-Mombarone (ITA). Team: Podistica Tranese
April 2013: Trana (ITA). Team: Podistica Tranese

The blue colors of the T-shirt of TTA-Trail Team Andrate characterized my following three years.

September 2014: Oulx Trail (ITA). Team: TTA-Trail Team Andrate
March 2015: Caprie Trail (ITA). Team: TTA-Trail Team Andrate
May 2016: Sbarua Trail (ITA). Team: TTA-Trail Team Andrate

The orange-black of the uniform of the A.S.D Traillab & A.S.D. Ultrataaaaacteam colored my attendance to the competitions in the last three years.

August 2017: Hartfüssler Trail (GER). Team: ASD Traillab
September 2018: Trails4Germany (GER). Team: ASD Ultrataaaaacteam
April 2019: MIUT-Madeira Island Ultra Trail (POR). Team: ASD Ultrataaaaacteam

For 2020, I do not know yet what color will be the protagonist of my trails.

2020 ???

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