My Teams

My Teams

Between 2012 and 2021, I had the chance and the honor to be part of different teams. Friendship has always been the strong motivation to be part of them.

Podistica Tranese (2012-2013)

Everything began with the yellow T-Shirt of the Podistica Tranese, a local and historical team of Piemonte (FIDAL – Federazione Italiana Di Atletica Leggera), with several members, mainly attending competitions on asphalt road or athletics tracks, and with Renzo Fallarini as the iconic president.

September 2012: Ivrea-Mombarone (ITA). Team: Podistica Tranese
April 2013: Trana (ITA). Team: Podistica Tranese

TTA–Trail Team Andrate (2014-2016)

The blue colors of the T-shirt of TTA-Trail Team Andrate (TTA – Trail Team Andrate – Info | Facebook) characterized my following three years. The team was very small and made of a group of trail runners living between Torino and Valli di Lanzo.

September 2014: Oulx Trail (ITA). Team: TTA-Trail Team Andrate
March 2015: Caprie Trail (ITA). Team: TTA-Trail Team Andrate
May 2016: Sbarua Trail (ITA). Team: TTA-Trail Team Andrate

A.S.D Traillab & A.S.D Ultrataaaaacteam (2017-2019)

The orange-black of the uniform of the A.S.D Traillab & A.S.D. Ultrataaaaacteam colored my attendance to the competitions in the last three years. The team born along the trails of Musiné and Colle della Maddalena nearby Torino, thanks to a group of friends who decided to share the fun of trail-running, wearing the same colors. The original team born thanks to Michele (Michele Evangelisti –), Marco, Diego, Veronica, Massimo, Olivier, Filippo, Lorenzo (Lollo), Andrea (Vig), Gabriele, Enzo, Fabrizio (Luppolo), Simone and, of course, myself.

August 2017: Hartfüssler Trail (GER). Team: ASD Traillab
September 2018: Trails4Germany (GER). Team: ASD Ultrataaaaacteam
April 2019: MIUT-Madeira Island Ultra Trail (POR). Team: ASD Ultrataaaaacteam

No official team (2020)

In 2020, I decided to pause from being a member of an official team. The lack of events due to Covid-19 pandemic supported this choice. Time to time I registered with the name of “Emigrantrailer” or “WeRunWiesbaden”, a facebook group I belonged to in 2019 & 2020.

2020 ???

Team No Limits (2021-2022)

For 2021, I just decided to join the Team No Limits, whose members are mainly from Valle d’Aosta (my “home“). The team is created, organized and managed by Enzo (Enzo Benvenuto ultra-trailer Italia (, a great friend, as well as an excellent Trail-Runner. Therefore, I am happy for the choice and this will allow me to strengthen my basic philosophy (sport beyond physical and mental borders), namely to continue to bring my knowledge of trail-running in the Alps to my friends in Germany and, viceversa, to share to my friends in Italy the beauty of trail-running along the Rhine river or in the Taunus Trail Running (and hiking) to explore Germany | EmigranTrailer.

Last update: 09.07.2022

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