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It is difficult to find a single explanation for the creation of this website. There are several and they are related to both social and sports experiences, which were and are part of my life.

The best way to go through the reasons is to explain who I am not, and who I am.

Beyond physical & mental borders

I am not a fan of extremism, populism and superficiality. I am against physical and mental walls. I am against those persons who have pre-concepts regarding certain regions, certain nations, certain cultures and certain traditions.

This website aims to share, through sports experience, the beauty of discovering new regions, new nations, new cultures and new traditions Travels, People & Curiosities | EmigranTrailer.

This website aims to push looking beyond physical and mental borders.

ITA-UTMB at Courmayeur, August 2016 (photo C. Birsa).

No to superficiality, approximation

I am not a big fan of all these Social Media, which deliver a fast but extremely superficial information. The problem is that many “followers” believe that this information is the full truth.

Moreover, the information is always lasting short time, not allowing the “follower” to digest it correctly and develop a more profound observation.

This website aims to share some details in a permanent way (both about Trail-Running & not Beyond the sports events | EmigranTrailer), giving the chance to the reader to think more constructively and maybe go deeper with the topic.

Learn through personal experience

I am not a big fan of all these Social Media, where nowadays everybody shares superficial information, claiming to be the person or the runner who they are not. I am not a professional runner. I am an amateur.

Therefore, this website aims to share my personal information, both when something goes well and both when something goes wrong, reporting always the most important lessons learned from the experienced event Trail & Running | EmigranTrailer.

I am not a professional runner. I am an amateur who is eager to learn every day, keeping track of his own experience and being the first motivator for himself. This website is aiming to share this attitude Trail Running Tips | EmigranTrailer.

Work, private life and travels

I am not a professional runner. I am an amateur who always tries to find the right balance between work and private, to keep alive his strong passions.

This website aims to give hints and information on how improving this balance, which requires a strong motivation.

I am not a professional runner. I am an amateur who has the wish and the possibility to travel across countries, looking for new trail running events and tracks.

This website aims to share this type of information Trail Running Races | EmigranTrailer.

Trail-Running competitions

I am not a professional runner. I am an amateur who does not run in function of the final standings of the races. However, impossible to deny it, I like the competition, especially with myself.

Therefore, I try to do all my best and I also look to the clock during the races, trying to reach my own personal goal – ITRAWeb

I am not a coach, and I do not pretend to be. I am an amateur who has gained a lot of experience in these years. In the last years, several persons often asked to me for advices regarding competitions, trainings, and the related useful material or equipment.

This website aims to answer to them and share my personal information. Nothing else. If anyone is interested in more details, he/she can contact me privately and I will be glad to reply at my best My Trail Running Experience | EmigranTrailer.

Every day is a training day

I am not a coach, and I do not pretend to be. I am an amateur who knows how important is to develop gradually his own experience, without exceeding in the haste to reach everything immediately.

This website aims to share that nothing is improvised: first, it is important to be honest with ourselves and know our limits; secondly, it is important to work with constancy on making every single little step to improve.


I am not a coach, and I do not pretend to be. I am an amateur who did not, does not need and will not look for a coach. However, I am not against who is a coach (professional and qualified) and who looks for a coach: I know that many beginners often look for a guidance, especially in approaching a new sport. Within the Trail Running community, I know very professional and qualified coaches and I will be glad to provide the right contact, if requested.


I am not a coach, and I do not pretend to be. I am a sporty person who would like to share his passions, running together and eventually talking about personal goals and upcoming events.

This website aims to share where my usual training routes or trail running races are, so that there might be a good chance to share some time together in person Events | EmigranTrailer.


I am an amateur runner and a sporty person. However, I am also an engineer who works with numbers, data and statistics.

Therefore, this website also aims to share aspects of trail running (and more) from this point of view, trying to be as strict and precise as possible Statistics | EmigranTrailer.

An italian emigrant

In the end, this is a website developed by an italian emigrant, with a strong passion for sport, for travelling and for exploring. This gives me the possibility to evaluate the events of my country of origin with a different perspective Una finestra sull’Italia dall’estero | EmigranTrailer.

Any constructive suggestion or criticism is welcome.

Andrea De Filippo

Latest update: 10.02.2021

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