Vertical Fenis 2023 – Post race review

Vertical Fenis 2023 – Post race review

Vertical Fenis 2023 - View of the Castle
Vertical Fenis 2023 – View of the Castle

Vertical Fenis 2023: race information & review

The sixth edition of the Fenis Vertical was a huge success, despite the rain in the last few hours. More than 600 participants along the 5300 m of this race.

The race was also valid as a qualifying race for the next World Championships in Austria and therefore the participation of top-level athletes was remarkable.

Vertical Fenis 2023 - Presentation of Top 10 Males
Vertical Fenis 2023 – Presentation of Top 10 Males
Vertical Fenis 2023 - Presentation of Top 10 Females
Vertical Fenis 2023 – Presentation of Top 10 Females

Suffice it to say that 4 athletes fell below the previous race record, despite the pouring rain and the sometimes very slippery paths. Incredible!

Congratulations to everyone but above all to the organization which was able to manage the enormous participation of athletes by dividing the starts into two heats and guaranteeing everyone the right attention in terms of safety.

The race was also the forerunner of the vertical races of the Defi Vertical circuit: PREMIAZIONE E FESTA FINALE – FINISHTOUR – Tour Trail Valle d’Aosta-Vallée d’Aoste (

The route: 5.3 km & 1035 D+

Vertical Fenis 2023 - Distance & profile
Vertical Fenis 2023 – Distance & profile

The departure took place as usual from the Area Pic-Nic Tzantie de Bouva area.

the first hundreds of meters followed the road towards the town center and then the paths around the castle of Fenis.

A flying finish line was placed at the first houses of the Perron hamlet.

Here, a right turn led to the start of the steep climb proper.

The path, alternating with slippery rocks and mud sections, already made the first 2 km of the race tiring.

Great cheer and support then welcomed us at the Maison Lounge refreshment point, just over halfway up the climb.

The second part of the climb then alternated some very short passages with less difficult gradients, up to the steep ramp before the Porteron hamlet, where we were greeted by another group of spectators who kept cheering us on.

In the meantime, the runners who had started at 9:30 a.m. were already on their way back to Fenis and continued to cheer on friends and runners still busy on the climb.

The final two hundred meters were almost completely out of the woods, with the finish line placed at the houses of Les Druges, after a short steep section on the lawn in front.

The event

For the record, the final victory (male and absolute) was obtained by Andrea Rostan in 38’41”, followed by Elia Andrea in 39’01”, Tiziano Moia in 39’10”, Alex Baldaccini in 39’36” and by Henri Aymonod in 39’42”. To make people understand the level of competition, champions and specialists like Martin Dematteis (40’08”) and Dennis Brunod (41’22”) finished seventh and ninth overall respectively.

Among the women, extraordinary performance by Vivien Bonzi (46’42”), just few second ahead of Francesca Guelfi (46’48”). Third place for Valentina Belotti (48’12”), followed by Maddalena Somà (49’40”). Top 5 closed by an excellent Luisa Rocchia in 49’56”.

All rankings can be viewed at the following link: Classifica Vertical Fénis – 6° Memorial Beppe Brunier – wedosport.

Vertical Fenis 2023 – Meeting point before & after the race

Vertical Fenis 2023: detailed information & gpx

Vertical Fenis 2023 - View towards the finish line in the clouds
Vertical Fenis 2023 – View towards the finish line in the clouds

Official website: Home (

Personal Gps move (by Suunto 9 Baro): (note that I never wear a Hearth Rate Monitor. The recorded bpm is on the wrist. Thus it’s not correct. Ditto for VO2 and calories)

Measured distance: 5.5 km

Measured Cumulative Gain +: 1033 m

Measured Cumulative Loss -: 4 m

Measured max altitude: 1551 m

Start Date: 01/05/2023

Start Time: 10:36 a.m. (note that a first heat of starters started at 9:30 a.m.)

Start Point: Tsantè de Bouva, 11020 Fenis (AO)

Cost: 25 € (5 €/km)

Air Temperature (average): 12°C

Weather conditions: rainy

Dominant Ground: trails (90%) and paved road (first km)

Ground Status: wet

Technical Difficulties: several short steep and slippery uphill passages

Refreshment Points: one (Note that, since the start, I personally had with me 250 ml electrolyte sports drink)

Vertical Fenis 2023: my equipment and results

Shoes Type: Saucony Peregrine 11 (Size: UK 8.5 / EU 43 / USA 9.5; Color: Future Black Noir)

Shoes usage at the start: 570 km; ca. 26500 D+ / ca. 26500 D-

Anklet: not used

Socks: Mico (Size: 43-46; Color: grey/green)

Calf Sleeves: not used

Shorts: Montura (Size: M; Color: Blue)

Race Belt: Dynafit

Undershirt: used

T-Shirt: No Limits Team Academy (Size: M; Color: Red/Grey)

Arm Sleeves: not used

Gloves: used

Wristband: not used

GPS Clock: Suunto 9 Baro (Color: Black)

Backpack: not used

Headwear: TeamNoLimits Buff

Glasses: not used

Trail Running Poles: not used (big mistake!! Today they were necessary)

Headlamp: not used

Wind/Rain Jacket: not used (but with me in my trail-belt)

First Aid Help: not used

Official personal time: 59’54”

Official personal absolute position: 178

Official personal male position: 153

Official personal race details: wedosport

Vertical Fenis 2023 - Smiles counts more than any statistics
Vertical Fenis 2023 – Smiles counts more than any statistics

Additional information

If you want more information or technical details related to this event, please do not hesitate to contact me or comment below.

Other information about races, results and equipments at the following links: Trail & Running | EmigranTrailer.

Enjoy Running & Trail Running!

Andrea De Filippo

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VIV Vertical Issogne Visey 2023
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