Castle’s Trail (ITA) – 23 km & 1550D+

Castle’s Trail (ITA) – 23 km & 1550D+

Castle’s Trail 2023 – Passage at Croce di Saint Gilles (Photo by Beppe Busso)

Castle’s Trail 2023 – 23 km: race information & review

In the last weekend, despite a winter in which I wasn’t able to train as I had hoped, I finally wore my first bib of the year. The occasion was the first race of the 2023 Valle D’Aosta Tour Trail: the Castle’s Trail.

Until a few weeks ago, I only knew two-thirds of the entire route. Then, with the company of a couple of friends, we decided to try it and I was particularly surprised by the continuous variation of the route, with a frequent alternation between steep, runable, technical descents and uphill sections of equal size.

Given the bad physical condition and the very muscular route, I therefore decided to start with a pair of sticks, despite the distance not being very long.

The route: 23 km & 1550 D+

Unlike the past edition, the start was from the town of Challand Saint Victor.

We immediately went up towards the Castle of Villa and the Belvedere. After this first ascent, the route included the descent along the Villa lake going towards Montjovet. Then a hilly stretch of about 3 km with a final descent towards the state road.

Castle's Trail 2023 - Castello di Villa e Belvedere
Castle’s Trail 2023 – Castello di Villa e Belvedere

A little less than a km on the flat, then we turned left and we started the climb towards the Cross of Saint Gilles: less than 2 km with 350 D+.

From the Cross another two km of descent to arrive in the village of Verres.

Castle's Trail 2023 - Croce di Saint Gilles
Castle’s Trail 2023 – Croce di Saint Gilles

Once past the historic center, the route included the longest climb of the day (3 km with 600 D+) to then reach the Località Carogne.

Here began a farm road, without any technical difficulty, which led after about four km to cross the Ruesaz torrent, to then reach Loc. Isollaz (Challand St.Victor).

As soon as we reached a fountain, we turned right to take the farm road which runs alongside the Evançon stream and leads to Loc. Vervaz to the splendid Roman bridges.

Short ascent towards the village of Loc. Vervaz, and just before arriving at the houses, we took the path and then the farm road which descends along the Evançon stream and leads to Loc. Sizan, finally arriving at the final finish line just before the center by Challand Saint-Victor.

Castle's Trail 2023 - Ponti romani
Castle’s Trail 2023 – Ponti romani

The event

For the record, the final victory (male and absolute) went to the very strong Aosta Valley athlete Dennis Brunod in 2h01’46”, ahead of Alex Dejanaz (2h06’08”) and Andrea Dellavalle (2h08’11”).

Among the women, the victory went to the very strong Piedmontese athlete Camilla Calosso in 2h34’10”, 21st overall, followed by Elisabetta Negra (2h36’14”), and Annalisa Faravelli (2h49’31”).

All rankings can be viewed at the following link: Classifica Castle’s Trail – wedosport

Castle’s Trail 2023: detailed information

Official website:Castle’s Trail (

Personal Gps move (by Suunto 9 Baro): that I never wear a Hearth Rate Monitor. The recorded bpm is on the wrist. Thus it’s not correct. Ditto for VO2 and calories) Measured distance: 22,2 km

Measured Cumulative Gain +: 1534 m

Measured Cumulative Loss -: 1528 m

Measured max altitude: 966 m

Start Date: 18/03/2023

Start Time: 09:00 a.m.

Start Point: 11020 Challand-Saint-Victor (AO)

Cost: 20 € (0,9 €/km)

Air Temperature (average): 15°C

Weather conditions: initially sunny then partially cloudy

Dominant Ground: trails, mule tracks and road (5%)

Ground Status: dry

Technical Difficulties: few short downhill passages

Refreshment Points: four: the first at about km 5, the second at about km 9, the third at about km 12, the fourth at about km 16 (Note that, since the start, I personally had with me 1000 ml electrolyte sports drink)

Castle’s Trail 2023: my equipment and results

Shoes Type: Saucony Xodus Ultra (Size: UK 8.5 / EU 43 / USA 9.5; Color: Acid Blue Raz)

Shoes usage at the start: 782 km; ca. 45000 D+ / ca. 45000 D-

Anklet: not used

Socks: Mico (Size: 43-46; Color: blue/green)

Calf Sleeves: used

Shorts: Raidlight (Size: M; Color: Blue)

Race Belt: Suunto / Salomon (Color: Black)

Undershirt: used

T-Shirt: No Limits Team Academy (Size: M; Color: Red/Grey)

Arm Sleeves: used

Gloves: not used

Wristband: Compressor Sport

GPS Clock: Suunto 9 Baro (Color: Black)

Backpack: Ultimate Direction 10.8L (almost completely empty!)

Headwear: TeamNoLimits Buff

Glasses: Oakley

Trail Running Poles: Dynafit

Headlamp: not used

Wind/Rain Jacket: Crazy (Color: Orange) (not used but it was in the backpack)

First Aid Help: rescue blanket (not used, but it was in the backpack)

Official personal time: 2h48’36”

Official personal absolute position: 58

Official personal male position: 56

Official personal finisher certificate: Attestato di Partecipazione (

Castle's Trail 2023 - Finish line (Photo by Beppe Busso)
Castle’s Trail 2023 – Finish line (Photo by Beppe Busso)

Additional information

If you want more information or technical details related to this event, please do not hesitate to contact me or comment below.

Other information about races, results and equipments at the following links: Trail & Running | EmigranTrailer.

Enjoy Running & Trail Running!

Andrea De Filippo

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