Traverse Trail (ITA) – 22 km & 1960D+

Traverse Trail (ITA) – 22 km & 1960D+

Traverse Trail 2023 - the rising sun, just before the start
Traverse Trail 2023 – the rising sun, just before the start

Traverse Trail 2023 – 22 km: race information & review

If I had to sum up my race at the Traverse Trail in one word, I think the most appropriate would be “Fatigue”

I arrived at the start already tired from the week and still asleep. I knew I didn’t have the energy to run so I went into “training” mode. But the route (beautiful, I liked it) was really very muscular and the physical condition cannot be improvised. I found myself with cramps at 12 km (I know, it’s funny), but I was really out of energy from km 0.

The last 10 km were a sort of torture and I’m a bit sorry because I wanted to do just that piece in very good condition to enjoy the technical descent. However, in the end I crossed the finish line and now I’m trying to take a break from work for a few days to dedicate myself to improving a physical condition that is decidedly far from what I would like to have. I have time for the ultra planned in the summer, but I have to start collecting some kilometres, possibly starting from “rested” condition.

Below is a description of the route and the event, and my usual post-race technical details.

The route: 22 km & 1960 D+

The race began near the La Kiuva restaurant in Arnad, starting at 9:30 a.m. with the sun having just begun to warm up all 200 starters.

The first three km were on asphalt inside the alleys and narrow streets of the village of Arnad. For me it was an opportunity to discover a place that I have always passed through in my years in Turin and where I had never stopped. I was positively surprised by the good participation of people cheering and applauding the competitors.

At the third kilometre, after a brief turn to the right, one of the hardest sections of the race began: about 500 meters of steep ascent up first stone steps and then rock. The ascent continued for another three kilometres, for a total of about 1000 meters in altitude in just over 3 and a half kilometres. Not bad to start.

The next three kilometers were a steep and equally technical descent with a lot of muscle work to jump from one stone to another or between one root and another. In the meantim, we moved on to the festive and noisy (with many bells) refreshment area of ​​the eighth kilometre. Every now and then I managed to look up to enjoy the view towards the valley at the bottom right.

Around the tenth km the second climb then began. Overall, about 5 km with some sections on a slight slope, many tears, and various technical passages. Personally, I suffered a lot from this piece as it is not yet in good condition.

From km 14 the final descent began. Looking at the altitude profile of the race, one might think of an easy stretch. In reality it is a descent interspersed with many small and short uphills, as well as with a purely stony bottom. Not at all trivial, not at all easy.

The only easy stretch was perhaps the 2 km before arriving at the Forte di Machaby, completely immersed in the woods.

The descent from the Fort was then on cobblestones and the last three kilometers were a continuous ups and downs with a passage to the Castello Superiore of Arnad, to then launch into the last descent of about 700 meters towards the final finish line.

Traverse Trail 2023 - Start & finish line
Traverse Trail 2023 – Start & finish line

The event

For the record, the final victory (male and absolute) was tied between Dennis Brunod and Alex Dejanaz in 2h27’04”, with Franco Collè just behind (2h28’30”).

Among the women, the challenge on the edge of seconds between Luisa Rocchia (2h58’25”) and Giuditta Turini (2h59’24”) was beautiful. Both went well below the previous race record. The third place was instead occupied by Susan Ostano (3h12’02”), also with a good performance (thirtieth overall).

All rankings can be viewed at the following link: Classifica Traverse Trail – wedosport

Finally, I would like to congratulate the organization: the course was in perfect condition, well signposted, the refreshments were cheerful and well distributed and the post-race lunch was also of an excellent standard.

Traverse Trail 2023: detailed information

Official website: Traverse Trail – Home (

Personal Gps move (by Suunto 9 Baro): (note that I never wear a Hearth Rate Monitor. The recorded bpm is on the wrist. Thus it’s not correct. Ditto for VO2 and calories) Measured distance: 22,2 km

Measured Cumulative Gain +: 1964 m

Measured Cumulative Loss -: 1959 m

Measured max altitude: 1425 m

Start Date: 01/04/2023

Start Time: 09:30 a.m.

Start Point: Frazione Pied de Ville 42, 11020 Arnad (AO)

Cost: 25 € (1,1 €/km)

Air Temperature (average): 17°C

Weather conditions: sunny

Dominant Ground: trails, mule tracks and road (5%)

Ground Status: dry

Technical Difficulties: several short steep uphill and downhill passages

Refreshment Points: four: the first at about km 5, the second at about km 8, the third at about km 12, the fourth at about km 18 (Note that, since the start, I personally had with me 1000 ml electrolyte sports drink)

Traverse Trail 2023: my equipment and results

Shoes Type: Saucony Xodus Ultra (Size: UK 8.5 / EU 43 / USA 9.5; Color: Acid Blue Raz)

Shoes usage at the start: 826 km; ca. 48100 D+ / ca. 48100 D-

Anklet: not used

Socks: Mico (Size: 43-46; Color: blue/green)

Calf Sleeves: used

Shorts: Raidlight (Size: M; Color: Blue)

Race Belt: Suunto / Salomon (Color: Black)

Undershirt: used

T-Shirt: No Limits Team Academy (Size: M; Color: Red/Grey)

Arm Sleeves: used

Gloves: not used

Wristband: not used

GPS Clock: Suunto 9 Baro (Color: Black)

Backpack: Ultimate Direction 10.8L (almost completely empty!)

Headwear: TeamNoLimits Buff

Glasses: Oakley

Trail Running Poles: Dynafit

Headlamp: not used

Wind/Rain Jacket: Crazy (Color: Orange) (not used but it was in the backpack)

First Aid Help: rescue blanket (not used, but it was in the backpack)

Official personal time: 3h39’58”

Official personal absolute position: 65

Official personal male position: 59

Official personal finisher certificate: Attestato di Partecipazione (

Additional information

If you want more information or technical details related to this event, please do not hesitate to contact me or comment below.

Other information about races, results and equipments at the following links: Trail & Running | EmigranTrailer.

Enjoy Running & Trail Running!

Andrea De Filippo

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