My Trail Running Experience

I started to participate to Trail Running events and competitions in 2012. Since then, I took part to more than 150 races, located in seven different European countries and different Italian regions. In the last four years, I started to challenge myself in over-100 km races, even if they are not a “must do” in my running philosophy.

International Trail Competitions

Among all, these are some of the International Trail races attended so far:

GutsMuths – Rennsteiglauf 2019 (DEU), 73,9 km with 1874m D+ & 1386m D- : Ergebnisse | 48. GutsMuths-Rennsteiglauf am 8. Mai 2021

MIUT-Madeira Island Ultra Trail 2019 (PRT), 41,2 km with 1660m D+ & 2255m D-: Timing System (

Trail du Petit Ballon 2019 (FRA), 55,9 km with 2250m D+ & 2250m D-Résultats – (

UTMB 2018-CCC (ITA-CHE-FRA), 100,1 km with 6060m D+ & 6250m D-: UTMB® (

Transgrancanaria Hg 2018 (ESP), 64,8 km with 2566m D+ & 3191m D-: Strecke – TRANSGRANCANARIA – LiveTrail®

EcoTrail Madrid 2017 (ESP), 51,4 km with 790m D+ & 800 m D-: Ecotrail Madrid – ITRA

EcoTrail de Paris 2016 & 2017 (FRA), 50,2 km with 940m D+ & 1020m D-: Ecotrail® De Paris Ile-De-France – ITRA

LUT-Lavaredo Ultra Trail 2016 & 2017 (ITA), 122,2 km with 6080m D+ & 6039m D-: LUT_2016.pdf (

UTMB 2015-TDS (ITA-FRA), 119 km with 7220m D+ & 7400m D-: UTMB® (

UTLO-Ultra Trail del Lago d’Orta 2014, 2015 & 2017 (ITA), several distances (90 km, 59 km, 82 km) : Ultra Trail Lago d’Orta – UTLO (

Sierre-Zinal 2014 (CHE), 31 km with 2200m D+: Sierre-Zinal 2014 (


Below it is a summary of my overall statistics updated at December 2020.


CATEGORY XXL (> 210 KM): 0;

CATEGORY XL (155-209 KM): 0;

CATEGORY L (115-154 KM): 2;

CATEGORY M (75-114 KM): 4;

CATEGORY S (45-74 KM): 21;

CATEGORY XS (25-44 KM): 41;

CATEGORY XXS (0-24 KM): 103;


External Links

Some of my statistics are available at the following external links:

ITRA International Trail Running Association:

DUV Ultramarathon Statistik:  Home DUV (

In addition to data from official competitions, I usually track my trainings with different Apps and with the “old fashion” approach made of notebooks and excel sheets. With this information, at the end of the year, I usually generate a summary of my statistics:

If you wish to have more details or recommendations about certain competitions, please do no hesitate to comment below.

Enjoy the Trail-Running!

Andrea De Filippo

Last update: 13.01.2021

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