The name: EmigranTrailer

The name: EmigranTrailer

What does EmigranTrailer mean?

FRA-Grand Sassiere (3751 m), August 2016


The first part of the name has its root from the word “Emigrant”. I believe it is the best way to define myself.

During my childhood and adolescence (1979 to 1997), I have been a local Italian emigrant, moving often for short periods between the southern & central Italian regions (Campania, Molise, Lazio, Abruzzo), with the scope to “discover” new mountains and new footpaths, and the northern regions (Veneto, Valle d´Aosta), to meet my relatives and appreciating the majesty of the Alps and the Dolomites.

During my university studies (1998-2004), I continued to act as a local emigrant, moving from my little town Caiazzo, in the countryside of Campania, to Naples, the largest city in the south of Italy. Afterwards, to complete my Doctorate (PhD), I moved one year in USA, living between Detroit (Michigan) and Berkeley (California).

In 2008, I eventually returned to Italy, in Torino (Piemonte) for working reasons. In this region, I reconnected with the mountains, discovering continuously new valleys, new footpaths and new friends.

In 2012, I started to practice regularly running, trail running, hiking and other outdoor sports linked with what the alpine environment can offer. That year and the following were characterized by frequent travels in the side valleys of Piemonte and Valle d’Aosta to take part at several trail running races and events (My Trail Running Experience | EmigranTrailer). 

In 2017, for working reasons, I moved to Wiesbaden (Germany), in the Region of Hessen, in the hearth of Europe (Wiesbaden – Wikipedia).

A lot changed: new culture, new environment, new footpaths, new friends.

But my passion for discovering what the nature can offers remained unchanged.

I currently live there, exploring every single footpath of the Taunus and the Rheingau area.


The second part of the name has its origin from the word “Trailer”. Here the meaning is double.

Since 2012, I developed my knowledge and passion for the Trail, a sport that could be explained as “run and/or walk in a natural environment (mountain, desert, forest, plain…) with minimal possible paved or asphalt road”.

I like to write about the Trail-Running races (Trail Running Races | EmigranTrailer) or Trail-Running projects (Running Projects | EmigranTrailer) or about Trail-Running tips (Trail Running Tips | EmigranTrailer) and materials (Material & Equipment | EmigranTrailer).

Therefore, Trailer could be seen as a shorter version for Trail-Runner. It is a non-existing word, and I like this simplification.

But, the second part has also to do with the correct definition of trailer: “an unpowered vehicle towered by another”. Namely, I feel like my body and mind are the “unpowered vehicle” towered by my passion for the exploration, for the analysis and objectivity. All of them represent the other vehicle.

At the same time, I also feel I can become the vehicle to tow another “vehicle” (persons) in order to discover new footpaths, places, habits, traditions (Travels, People & Curiosities | EmigranTrailer) and objective information, based on facts and data.

The last year happened specifically for the Covid-19 pandemic (COVID-19 (Corona Virus) | EmigranTrailer) and for other events linked to Italy, my country of origin (Una finestra sull’Italia dall’estero | EmigranTrailer).

So….this is what EmigranTrailer means!

Latest update: 31.03.2021

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