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2020 was a special and difficult year for everybody. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic (COVID-19 (Corona Virus) | EmigranTrailer), many of the planned races & competitions were cancelled. Moreover, the different rules between countries did not allow to travel as much as in the past years.

As a natural consequence, at end of the year, I completed three official “normal” races:

In addition, I also took part and finished another race, organized in a “virtual” mode, in order to respect the COVID-19 rules:

Of course, the uncertainty about the rules and the evolution of the pandemic severely impacted also the training sessions. Specifically, I decided to focus on day-by-day spontaneous running, without targeting any race or competition. This gave me the opportunity to create specific running projects to test myself and explore as much as possible the areas along the river Rhein and the Taunus in Germany:

In the next two paragraph, I summarize the numbers of this 2020 for me.


Total Number: 4 (4 Finisher, 0 DNF)

Total Trail Running: 3

  • Category M (75-114 km): 0
  • Category S (45-74 km): 3
  • Category XS (25-44 km): 1
  • Category XXS (0-24 km): 0

Countries: 1 (Germany)


Total Distance (all sports): 5.154 km

Total Elevation Gain (all sports): 119.512 m (d+)

Total Distance (running/hiking): 3.751 km

Total Elevation Gain (running/hiking):  102.380 m (d+)

Total Distance (biking): 1.403 km

Total Elevation Gain (biking): 17.132 m (d+)

If you have any specific comment or question, please do not hesitate to contact me or comment below.

I look forward a more positive 2021 year!

Andrea De Filippo


Past available statistics:


Official statistics:

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