Ultra Marathon of RTL Rodgau 2020 (DEU) – 50K

Ultra Marathon of RTL Rodgau 2020 (DEU) – 50K

GER – Ultra Marathon Rodgau 50K, January 2020 (Photo by S. Krämer)

Location: Rodgau, Hessen, Germany HTTPS://WWW.RODGAU.DE/

Race Description

It is difficult to say if it is a trail or on-road event! Sixty percent of the track is along forest roads, forty is on paved roads. For sure, the atmosphere and the spirit that you breathe is that of a pleasant community of runners and trail-runners. The track is 5 km long and can be repeated as many times as you want until reaching 50 km (10 laps).

The first 500 meters are slightly downhill, until a sharp turn on the right that led towards the first refreshment point (at 0.8 km). The next 1.2 km are wavy on a secondary road between the fields. At km 2, the track continues on a forest road between trees. This passage is very pleasant with the music played by the volunteers/organizers and with the possibility to cross with the faster runners that run for 200 m in the opposite direction. At km 3, we are back between the fields for about one kilometer. The last kilometer is again on the forest road between the trees.


Race Information

Official Route Available on Web: https://rlt-rodgau.de/

Distance: 50 km (5 km lap repeated up to 10 times)

Cumulative Gain+: ca 500 m

Cumulative Loss -: ca 500 m

Max Altitude: 150 m

Start Date: 25/01/2020

Start time: 10 a.m.

Start Point: 800 m from Tennisclub Blau-Weiß Dudenhofen, Opelstraße 18, 63100 Rodgau

Cost: 27 € (0,54 €/km)

Air Temperature (at start): 0-2°C

Weather Conditions: foggy and cloudy

Dominant Ground: forest road (60%), paved road (40%)

Ground Status: dry

Technical Difficulties: none

Refreshment Points: one (at 0.8 km)


Race Results

Official Results Available on Web: HTTPS://MY.RACERESULT.COM/133421/?LANG=DE#1_E96B73

Starters: 825

Finishers: 563

Personal Absolute Position: 98

Personal Male Position: 90

Personal AGE Position (M40): 14

Ratio Absolute Position/Starters (%): 11,9

Personal Time: 4h11´22´´

Personal Registration Team: #WeRunWiesbaden


Race Equipment

Shoes Type: Saucony Ride #10 (Size: UK 8.5 / EU 43; Color: Red/Blue)

Shoes km at the start: ca 750 km

Anklet: not used

Socks: Thyo Special Trail (Size: 41-43; Color: Black/Blue)

T-Shirt: Magnacorsa (Size: M; Color: Yellow)

Long sleeve Shirt: Kipsta (Size: M; Color: White)

Shorts: Montura (Size: M; Color: BLACK)

Gloves: Craft (Size: M; Color: Yellow)

Backpack: Salomon S/Lab Sense Ultra 8 (Size: M; Color: BLUE)

Drink Equipment: Salomon Hydrapack Soft Flask 500 ML Speed (Quantity: 2)

Food & Gels: Overstim´s Antioxidant Gel (Quantity: 1; Flavor: Citron) – Pro Action Carbon Sprint Endurance (Quantity: 3; Flavor: Orange)

Race Belt: Sports Akileine

GPS: Suunto Ambit 2 Black

Headwear: Buff Magnacorsa (Color: Violet)

Glasses: not used

Trail Running Poles: not used

Headlamp: not used

Wind/rain jacket: Dynafit React (Size: M; Color: Orange)


Beyond the Race

#1) Rodgau Ultra Marathon is at its 21st Edition, with an average of about 1000 participants in the last ten years: RLT Rodgau Lauftreff e.V. – RLT Rodgau Lauftreff e.V. (rlt-rodgau.de)

#2) Rodgau is also known for the music group Rodgau Monotons, with the famous hit “Die Hesse komme” (1984) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3uAGhWdrxo

#3) Rodgau-Dudenhofen hosts the Opel “test track”, located few kilometers south-east of Dudenhofen: https://goo.gl/maps/eetHu9EkJLVnkQ9c7


Additional Information

If you want more information or technical details related to this event, please do not hesitate to contact me or comment below.

Other articles or reviews about Trail-Running races at the link: Trail Running Races | EmigranTrailer

Kind Regards

Andrea De Filippo

Update: 06.09.2020

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4 thoughts on “Ultra Marathon of RTL Rodgau 2020 (DEU) – 50K

  1. Hi Andrea. I am interested in this event as I live in Germany.. just wondering when is the cut off point for this race.. you detailed discription is great!! Thanks again

  2. Thanks Andrea, that’s an very informative homepage and is excactly what I am looking for.
    These could give a novice the infos to make her/his decision.
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
    Good recovery

    1. Thanks for the comment Stephan. For the specific categories “Trail Running Races” and “Road Races”, my aim is to provide some details that can help a Reader in approaching the same type of races. Gruß. Andrea

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