Rursee-Marathon (DEU) – 42 km

Rursee-Marathon (DEU) – 42 km

Viewing the lake, just after finishing the Rursee marathon

Race review: my goals and status

Yesterday I wore a race bib after a few weeks. I ran a marathon.

This was not really planned. But in this period running has been an excellent daily companion. And I thought it was right to end this phase by returning to a running competition.

I wanted to re-start from Germany, but honestly not from Wiesbaden and its surroundings. So, I decided to go back to running in the beautiful Eifel National Park (Start page | Eifel National Park (, near the Dutch-German border.

Here I had my first official race in Germany in 2017 (it was an ultra of 51 km). And it seemed like a good way to start again from the Eifel region.

Yesterday’s race was on a very beautiful but equally demanding course.

It was mainly run on a forest road full of stones (often slippery), foliage, mud, cobblestones, with many climbs (terrible those between 29 and 35 km, at 37 km and 41 km).

We ran first with light rain, then with flashes of sunshine, but above all with a lot of wind (cold!).

But the route was really beautiful and colorful. It went from sections in yellow to those in brown. From sections in red to sections in green. All thanks to the foliage.

Above all it was a path full of continuous curves that followed the undulating profile of the lake.

And between climbs, descents, curves, avoiding slipping, and the beauty of the colors of the leaves, in my minutes of inner philosophy, I thought that there was no better metaphor for our daily lives.

There is not something necessarily bad. There are so many wonderful little things.

We just have to want to look at them through our own eyes.

Enjoy the moment!

Race information

Official website: Rursee Marathon e.V. – Home (

Official distance: 42,2 km

Official Cumulative Gain +: 430 m

Official Cumulative Loss -: 430 m

Official max altitude: 353 m

Start Date: 07/11/2021

Start Time: 10:30 a.m.

Start Point: D 52152 Simmerath-Einruhr, Rurstrasse

Cost: 35 € (0,83 €/km)

Air Temperature (average): 8-10°C

Weather conditions: cloudy and rainy till 13 o’clock; windy

Dominant Ground: trails (5%), forest roads (85%), road (10%)

Ground Status: mainly wet

Technical Difficulties: several short (in elevation) but very demanding climbs

Refreshment Points: 7 (ca. km 7, ca. km 13, ca. km 19; ca. km 24: ca. km 29; ca. km 34; ca. km 38)

Race results

Official results: Time and Voice (

Official starters: 260

Official finishers: 203

Official personal time: 3h22’01”

Official personal absolute position: 16

Official personal male position: 15

Official personal AGE Position (M40): 3

Official personal finisher certificate: not available

Official personal finisher video clip: not available

Personal ratio absolute position/starters: 6,2 %

Personal Gps move (by Suunto 9): (note that I never wear a Hearth Rate Monitor. The recorded bpm is on the wrist. Thus it’s not correct. Ditto for VO2 and calories)

Personal Registration Team: EMIGRANTRAILER

Race equipment

Shoes Type: Saucony Endorphine Pro (Size: UK 8.5 / EU 43 / USA 9.5; Color: Future Blue)

Shoes usage at the start: 119 km; ca. 1000 D+ / ca. 1100 D-

Anklet: not used

Socks: Incylence (Size: 43-46; Color: white/orange/blue)

Calf Sleeves: Compressor Sport

Shorts: Raidlight Trail Raider Short (Size: M; Color: Dark Blue)

Race Belt: Suunto / Salomon (Color: Black)

Undershirt: Kalenji Long Sleeves (Color: Black)

T-Shirt: Raidlight XP Fit 3D (Size: M; Color: Red)

Arm Sleeves: not used

Gloves: Craft (Color: Yellow)

Wristband: not used

GPS Clock: Suunto 9 (Color: Black)

Backpack: Not used (I used the trail-running belt by MIUT)

Headwear: Raidlight Buff

Glasses: not used

Trail Running Poles: not used

Headlamp: not used

Wind/Rain Jacket: Crazy (Color: Orange)

First Aid Help: not used / not required (only car keys and money with me)

Race nutrition plan

Thinking it was a fast race with a lot of refreshment points, I thought about tweaking my classic ultra-trail schedule. In short:

  • Breakfast (about 2 hours before the start): Chocolate porridge with one banana, a slice of bread with Nutella, coffee
  • During the marathon (only Gel by Overstim’s): 2 anti-oxydant (km 7 & km 28); 2 long-distance (km 13 & km 21); 1 instant (km 34)
  • 250 ml electrolyte sports drink
  • a glass of water at each refreshment point

Additional information

If you want more information or technical details related to this event, please do not hesitate to contact me or comment below.

Other information about races, results and equipments at the following links: Trail & Running | EmigranTrailer.

Enjoy Running & Trail Running!

Andrea De Filippo

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