CORONA VIRUS (COVID-19): Is the grass always greener on the other side of the fence? Analysis of other worldwide countries.

CORONA VIRUS (COVID-19): Is the grass always greener on the other side of the fence? Analysis of other worldwide countries.

This analysis is the following part of what I already published about European countries. Thus, all the explanations related to the background of this analysis and the setup of the following tables can be found at the following link: The data used in the table are taken from the World Health Organization (WHO) website: Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Situation Reports (

Africa: South Africa, Eswatini, Lesotho

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Status for South Africa, Eswatini and Lesotho

This comparison includes two very small countries (Eswatini and Lesotho), which are basically embedded into the large one: South Africa. Therefore, the overall situation reflects the significant difference driven by the population of these three countries. Despite a significant increase in number of cases, South Africa is still not in critical conditions like European or American countries.

Africa: Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad

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Status for Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad

These are three large nations, located in the central western part of Africa. The absolute values for each parameter are lower compared to other regions of the World. However, they are a good example on how the assessment change on the basis of the selected parameter. Namely, among them, Nigeria is the worst for number of deaths, Chad is the worst for the fatality rate and Cameroon is the worst for the ratio of deaths vs population. Overall, how would you judge the worst?

Africa: Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia

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Status for Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia

These are three nations, located in the northern western part of Africa, not far from the European coasts. Algeria shows the worst situation in all the selected parameter, compared to Morocco and Tunisia. Overall, this status reflects the difference in population: 43 Millions (Algeria), 35 Millions (Morocco), 12 Millions (Tunisia).

Africa: Egypt, Sudan, Libya

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Status for Egypt, Sudan, Libya

These are three of the largest nations in Africa. Egypt shows the highest number of deaths, while Sudan has the highest fatality rate. Libya shows the best status in all selected parameters.

Oceania: Australia, New Zealand, Fiji

[display-map id=”2772″]

Status for Australia, New Zealand, Fiji

These three islands represent the largest part of the Oceania. As the chromatic view suggests, the situation is very positive compared to other worldwide regions. Between Australia and New Zealand, the differences are marginal in all parameters, but the total number of cases. Fiji has not documented any deaths for COVID-19 so far.

Asia: Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia

[display-map id=”2770″]

Status for Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia

These are three neighboring Asian islands. Despite the highest number of cases, Singapore shows very positive results in terms of deaths, slightly better than Malaysia. Instead, Indonesia has the worst situation and, unfortunately, also an increasing negative trend in the last weeks.

Asia: China, South Korea, Japan

[display-map id=”2769″]

Status for China, Japan, South Korea

These are not really neighboring countries, due to the fact that South Korea and China are separated by North Korea, and simultaneously South Korea and Japan are separated by the Japan sea. However, they are located in the eastern part of Asia and they represent three of the most important countries from economic and population point of view. China has the highest number of deaths, mostly caused in the first weeks of the pandemic. Japan has a similar fatality rate but higher deaths vs population. As mentioned in previous analysis, South Korea shows a better situation.

Asia: India, Bangladesh, Nepal

[display-map id=”2767″]

Status for India, Bangladesh, Nepal

During the last month, India registered a significant increase of case and nowadays leads this ranking among all Asian countries; unfortunately also the number of deaths significantly increased. However, its neighbors have a different situation. Bangladesh also experienced a significant increase of cases, but not of deaths: its fatality rate is half of the Indian ones. Nepal shows the best situation, with a low number of deaths.

Asia: Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan

[display-map id=”2768″]

Status for Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan

These are three neighboring nations located in the western part of Asia. The Republic of Iran has the worst situation with the highest number of deaths among all Asian countries. Pakistan has a moderate situation, but there is a constant increase of these data in the last weeks. Afghanistan is still in a relative good situation.

America: United States of America, Canada

[display-map id=”2773″]

Status for USA and Canada

It is the only case where I compared two nations. I could not do differently. The chromatic view of the table is self-explaining: there is not a single parameter where either USA and Canada have good values.

America: Mexico, Cuba, Dominican Republic

[display-map id=”2774″]

Status for Mexico, Dominican Republic, Cuba

These are three central American nations along the line of the Tropic of Cancer. They differ for several factors: population, culture, food, and so on. For COVID-19, for all parameters the situation is more or less the same: Mexico shows bad/very bad values, Dominican Republic good/moderate values, Cuba good/very good vales.

America: Ecuador, Peru, Colombia

[display-map id=”2775″]

Status for Ecuador, Peru, Colombia

This is an area of South America where the situation remains very critical. In particular, Peru and Ecuador have a high number of deaths compared to the national population. Moreover, Ecuador has the highest fatality rate. Compared to the other two nations, the situation in Colombia is better.

America: Chile, Argentina, Bolivia

[display-map id=”2776″]

Status for Chile, Argentina, Bolivia

These three south-American nations show different situations. Chile has the worst scenario for total number of deaths and ratio of deaths vs population. Argentina and Bolivia have a higher fatality rate and similar to each other. However, Bolivia has lower total number of deaths.

America: Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay

[display-map id=”2777″]

Status for Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay

Brazil shares its borders with several other countries. However, in this case, I decided to compare the status of Brazil with two smaller and poorer countries (Paraguay and Uruguay), which share the southern borders. Brazil has the worst number in all the selected parameters. In particular, it is impressive the difference for the total number of deaths. Uruguay has more than twice the fatality rate of Paraguay, which remains the best also for the number of deaths vs population.

Final Remark

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